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Mealybug Infestation, It Is!

So I have to take a closer look at my plant’s condition. It’s really getting poorer now. If you take a look at the picture more and more stems got infected leaving it grow yellow leaves which I ended up … Continue reading

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My Miniature Plant Turned Yellow: Fungal Attack?

DEPRESSING! 🙁 This Lucky Bamboo Pyramid is the very first house plant that I got ever. If it wasn’t for JK’s fascination towards this miniature, I wouldn’t have had it. It’s a special keepsake from our vacation this year. Now … Continue reading

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Lucky Bamboo Pyramid

No, I didn’t make it myself before you ask. 🙂 JK spotted it at a fortune plant store that’s sitting right across the grocery store where we’ve had grocery shopping one day. He thought we need one to give our … Continue reading

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