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Sleek, Innovative, Space- Saver Home Mates

One day I scouted my closet for a pair of sack and realized how cluttered my stuffs in it have already become- made me instantly think of buying a new storage. I was thinking of something like what I saw … Continue reading

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Missing my Bed :(

No I didn’t lose it. It’s just that since I got a new living room corner set, I seemed to rather sleep there at night and for quite a while now instead of using my bed. Or is it because … Continue reading

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Blogging Juice: Narrowing my Living Room Space All the More

It was in mid-2010 when I acquired my 3-room place. I refuse to call it a house because of its very limited space (a single bedroom, a built-in bathroom and a mini living room). Utilizing my mom’s extra space (a … Continue reading

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