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New Finds

Did I mention before how I became fond of needlework, particularly cross-stitching? It actually started with a trend during my college days. Believe me even my school mates before do it during their spare time at school. I get fascinated … Continue reading

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Communing with Nature is Incomparable

If I have the luxury to add luxurious decorative at home, that would be this or similar to this alpine rainforest driftwood fountain.   I love nature and everything about it. Anywhere I go I never fail to capture photos … Continue reading

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Toothsome Dougnuts and a Happy Bun

D-1 (daughter 1) spotted this edible like looking mini bun and doughnut fridge magnets while we were shopping for school supplies the other day. I was just gonna ignore it but she seemed so fascinated that she couldn’t get past … Continue reading

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