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The Three Box Strategy

“Keep only what is beautiful, useful or loved” – Stephanie Denton (organizational expert) In her book, The Organized Life, Stephanie provides tips, checklists and easy to follow guidelines for organizing not just your home but every part of your life … Continue reading

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27 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Haven: #s 1-10

After having a long, stressful day at work, don’t you always wish to come to a place where you can ease off and unwind? Often that place is what we call “home”. Creating a relaxing and rewarding home environment can … Continue reading

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Lucky Bamboo Pyramid

No, I didn’t make it myself before you ask. 🙂 JK spotted it at a fortune plant store that’s sitting right across the grocery store where we’ve had grocery shopping one day. He thought we need one to give our … Continue reading

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