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Because People Love to Check their Images On the Mirror

If there’s something you shouldn’t forget about having inside your bathroom, it’s the mirror. Anyone, even if you’re not an interior designer can tell that mirrors are important items in the bathroom for an obvious reason that people would love … Continue reading

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Communing with Nature is Incomparable

If I have the luxury to add luxurious decorative at home, that would be this or similar to this alpine rainforest driftwood fountain.   I love nature and everything about it. Anywhere I go I never fail to capture photos … Continue reading

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27 Ways to Make your Home a Stress-Free Haven: #s 11-27

After checking out the first 10 ways of creating a stress-free living space here, see what else you can do with these 17 remaining tips. 11. Get the fresh breezy feel with light pastels. Stronger, darker hues bring sophistication, but … Continue reading

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