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My First Few Jars of 100% Pure Cacao Powder

I never knew growing a couple of cacao trees would make me come this far. It all started out of impulseā€¦ of proving something to myself that I could actually grow plants and eventually enjoy its benefits. It took about … Continue reading

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Making Way for that First Chocolate-Flavored “Something”

Being able to cook or bake using my own homegrown products would be a dream come true. And for this year’s Holiday I am going to give it a shot. Bragging here my first cacao produce. It has to sit … Continue reading

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Holiday Recipe Idea: Cheeseburger Onion

December’s here! Can you feel it? I wish I have someone to stop the days from rolling. One minute, the thought of holiday break excites me but reality bites. (My academic undertakings is waiting to consume my December.)I wonder if … Continue reading

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