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Looking Forward to Spend Summer with the Things I Love Doing

What a long day! Earlier at work today was extremely busy with the annual Completion and Recognition Ceremony approaching. Everyone has an assigned task. I take charge of the programs like I used to along with two others. Making programs … Continue reading

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Making Homemade Chocolate from 100% Cacao Powder

At first, I thought making chocolates from scratch is a job that is best left to the professionals. I realized I was wrong. That is after giving in to it the first time and somehow succeed…well, at least after everyone … Continue reading

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Homemade + No Bake White and Dark Chocolate Truffles

I’m still the same person that I am –  without a sweet tooth – at least as of this writing… but who knows where this new found passion of mine will take me in the coming days. Inspired by the … Continue reading

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