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School is out. Kids can’t wait to toss out their school bags and take up space. Assess whether which item can be disposed of, used over the summer or re-purposed the following school year. Immediately let go of those you decide to toss, stash those that will be used in the next few months in an accessible place, and keep those to be re-purposed in storage.

Place still usable pens in just one container, such as a big glass jar, or, if there are too many of them, in identical plastic containers to make them look neat. Group together on a table or shelf; this way anyone who needs a pen will know where to find one. You can even categorize them, either by type (markers, coloring materials, and so on) or by color.

If you have younger children, keep used books or textbooks in a bin or box and label them accordingly. Make sure to remove any piece of paper, bookmarks in between the pages. If you don’t have younger children you may donate old books to public schools or to any foundation dedicated to providing and distributing school-related items to public schools. Just make sure you remove any label, names, or any form of identification on them.

After deciding which items will be needed over the summer, organize them. Be inspired by your kitchen pantry and use old take-out trays, plastic baskets, and even a cutlery tray to corral tape, paper clips, staple wire, and other supplies.

Put together, leftover notebook pages with padding glue to make your own notepad -perfect for doing grocery list, jotting down family reminders or doodle books for the kids. Mount them on sturdy cardboard, then wrap them with old but pretty magazine pages.

SOURCE: Good Housekeeping Mag (March 2012 issue)

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