Mealybug Infestation, It Is!

So I have to take a closer look at my plant’s condition. It’s really getting poorer now. If you take a look at the picture more and more stems got infected leaving it grow yellow leaves which I ended up removing as well.

This cotton-like coating that wraps around the crannies where leaves and stems join actually has something live in it. Forgive the crappy capture but just to let you know this tiny yet indeed a proven destructive creature called mealybug (according to my research) I can tell is obviously the culprit.

More of my research on what mealybugs looks like and what kind of damage do they do.

Now the goal on how to completely get rid of these pests…

My research offers tons of suggestion but I had to settle on the safer ones. A recommended by Will Creed – a NYC Horticultural Help, says spraying these bugs out with rubbing alcohol helps.

To do it, mix one part of alcohol with 5 parts of water in a bottle sprayer and add a squirt of liquid dish-washing soap. Be sure to spray all leaf and stem surfaces thoroughly. The common practice of applying alcohol with a Q-tip is not effective because it misses the ones you can’t see. It is also best if you repeat this treatment again in 5 to 7 days to catch any crawlers that you missed the first time. After that, you should check your plant weekly to see if they return.


My Miniature Plant Turned Yellow: Fungal Attack?

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15 Responses to Mealybug Infestation, It Is!

  1. Mei says:

    I have seen that plant before. Yung iba nga ibang ibang shapes at decorations pa hehe

  2. chrisair says:

    nice tips, I actually had that plants and same thing happen kaya itinanim ko nalang sa lupa

  3. My wife has a collection of different varieties of orchids. I don’t how she maintains her plants. I’m less interested with her plants. But I always give her the budget she needed to buy more orchids to add to her collection. Your tips in caring a plant attached by mealy bugs are very useful. I will share this to her. Thanks!

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  4. Jhen says:

    thanks for the tip po! I’ll really look forward more post from this blog especially for arts and crafts 🙂

    @mei it’s a fortune bamboo 🙂 it’s really a good plant to grow indoors and give as gifts to friends especially those working (other than there are sayings that its brings about good fortune, for me it’s a perfect de-stresser) 🙂

  5. sionee says:

    I actually googled mealybugs while reading your post. I’ve seen this insect before. I will be sharing this my mother who loves plants!! thanks!:)

  6. tatess says:

    i like plants but I can’t grow it on planters .i am better with outdoors.

  7. Kay says:

    I promise not to touch any of your plants. When I touch one, it dies. I do not have a green thumb like you. I have a black one. They die.

  8. FranCis says:

    I should say i have a green thumb also, but growing plants here in the middle east is such a mess. Thanks for the tips.

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  9. yuuki says:

    i thought kaya nag yeyellow is because of lack of sunlight, mealy bug pala ang cause…thanks for the tip!

  10. we have the same plant ornament… so far in its 4 months on us it still looks how it is when we bought it – but thanks for the tips, bookmarked 😉

  11. joy says:

    that is a chinese bamboo right? i have that in my mini garden. i spray on insecticide, last year some of my plants were infested by bugs din but i was able to revive them

  12. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the tips! Hope that infestation goes away. Nice plan btw, I like the look of it.

  13. jared's mum says:

    oh, poor little greens, i wish the little critter will have something else to feast on…this is the first time i’ve heard about these mealy bugs, interesting post ^_^

  14. May says:

    Highly helpful tips to plant lovers! Thanks for this Nancy! my mom and MIL will like this! 🙂

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