Mealybug Infestation, It Is!

So I have to take a closer look at my plant’s condition. It’s really getting poorer now. If you take a look at the picture more and more stems got infected leaving it grow yellow leaves which I ended up removing as well.

This cotton-like coating that wraps around the crannies where leaves and stems join actually has something live in it. Forgive the crappy capture but just to let you know this tiny yet indeed a proven destructive creature called mealybug (according to my research) I can tell is obviously the culprit.

More of my research on what mealybugs looks like and what kind of damage do they do.

Now the goal on how to completely get rid of these pests…

My research offers tons of suggestion but I had to settle on the safer ones. A recommended by Will Creed – a NYC Horticultural Help, says spraying these bugs out with rubbing alcohol helps.

To do it, mix one part of alcohol with 5 parts of water in a bottle sprayer and add a squirt of liquid dish-washing soap. Be sure to spray all leaf and stem surfaces thoroughly. The common practice of applying alcohol with a Q-tip is not effective because it misses the ones you can’t see. It is also best if you repeat this treatment again in 5 to 7 days to catch any crawlers that you missed the first time. After that, you should check your plant weekly to see if they return.


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