A Summer-themed Wedding for my Niece

A week more to go before the summer ends. But that didn’t stop my lovely niece and her handsome husband-to-be to pursue their wedding date with a summer theme early in June. Likewise, it is also not too late for me to suggest FavorWarehouse.com summer wedding where they could find tons of great ideas about wedding favors.

 photo xka-17022_zpsbfxdkthy.jpg
Designed to make any summertime wedding look and feel beautiful, Favor Warehouse’s summer Favors collection offers the perfect fit for any wedding day that takes place in the heat and sunshine. No matter where you’re choosing to get married, be sure to check out these summer favors that are perfect to keep your guests feeling cool.

No doubt, my niece has all it takes to look perfectly gorgeous on her wedding day. But even so, still I can’t wait to get near her on that day and personally extend my warmest wishes and congratulations.  Of course, I can’t wait to see what their wedding favors would be. I’ll sure grab one for myself. :D

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Homemade Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

It’s summer and the kids are around so the wonder mom has to be extra explorative in the kitchen.

 photo OATMEAL COOKIE 13_zpsbzg3nq8f.jpg
One of my favorite snacks are cookies so here I gave raisin oatmeal cookies another shot and this time around for the sporty kiddos at home. It was their first time to taste my homemade cookies and they all gladly liked it.

 photo OATMEAL COOKIE 3_zpsdrekant2.jpg
The mixture is primary composed of oatmeal of course and then there’s flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, yeast, vanilla flavor and raisins.

Simply have all the ingredients mixed well together, have the mixture sit for an hour and right after it’s ready to get in to the oven. It’s a very mom-friendly recipe that you too can do at home and I’m sure your whole family will love it too. :)

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Whatta Corn Plant!

I don’t know how you look at it but to me, I find this thing really amazing right at the very first glance.

 photo Daygon 2015 2_zpsmmm73kfu.jpg
On our way along with my colleagues at work to visit a friend we passed by a house that flashes this simply head-turning plant. Hmm… head-turning, huh? Yes, I find it that way.

We know of course the fact that it is a corn cob (minus the growing baby corn plants along its sides). Not the way how it is supposed to be growing , right? See? That’s what make it distinct. And because I was too amazed to believe it is flaunted before my eyes, I took few quick snaps to seize it more when I got home.

Weeks later, when harvest time came (yes, I’m a farm girl now, too — growing yellow corn), I took 3 cobs home hoping I could make exactly the same thing out of it. I sure didn’t know how to and no one’s there to teach me either so I just ended up leaving the three cobs sit alone and for however long it can.

Maybe one day…just maybe… I can get back to it and do it… But that’s only when I find enough time.

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