Gratifying Lunch with Sis

Who’s up for a bite?

Need I say more? I know you Filipino bloggers out there are familiar with these popular meal from one of the popular pizza shops here in the country. We had all these after my sister’s appointment with her doctor yesterday. She didn’t bother to react when I pulled my camera out and started taking pictures of these goodness because she knew right off what I was doing it for. :D

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Fettuccini Gregorio

Fettuccini Gregorio as they call it back at Hof Gorei Resort in Island Garden City of Samal.

One of the tasty meals we have tried. It is composed of flat noodles in cream sauce and prawns — a true Italian taste at  $5.50/ serving. Should I have a chance to live a luxurious life even for just a day or two, I’ll make it again at Hof Gorei Resort. :D

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Throwback Tuesday: Statement Mug

Internet lingo really had gone a long way these days because even at the kitchen department of the city’s mall we went to last weekend, this statement mug along with many others are shopper’s popular choice. What can I say?

I hope it wasn’t too much for my daughter to sport it, LOL!

I gotta check on MIDI. Talk To You Later! ;)

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