Soon to Celebrate Fiesta and Getting my Tasks Done

Here in our locality the town fiesta is the biggest and most anticipated event next to Christmas each year and in the next two days we will be celebrating it once again.

As early as last week, my family have already been discussing what dishes to prepare for that big day. This time we want something different. The roast pig will still be there for the main course but we want something new for the other dishes and desserts. That’s a task in line for me. I need at least two new easy to prepare recipes that we can add to our food preparation.

Two more days and it’s kind of stressing me out now not having that much time. (I wish the magnetic bracelets could wait.) Although I can’t also hide my excitement especially to get reunited with families and friends once again. After all, it is what the celebration mean to us.

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Bath and Warm Bath Robe Works on this Steamy Summer Season

Like most little children do, I too like playing with water especially at this so steamy summer season. I can bath or shower like three to four times a day and have no problem doing so other than obviously high water consumption which also means greater water bill to pay each month. In less than 2 weeks I can consume a regular bottle of shampoo that would last a month for mom. But still it won’t bother me nor stop me from pampering myself.

And the most important part of it is when you’re all wrapped with like terry bath robeĀ  feeling so fresh and clean after. But as for me, since I’m too lazy for heavy laundry, I can settle myself to a simple towel wrap. It won’t make a difference for me as long as my hair is well wrapped too. (And then I can click for rachel welch hairpiece after drying my hair up.) Just so me! :D

Anyway, my bathroom is the most important room for me next to my bed. I always make sure it is dainty and dry all the time. I even get too meticulous in sharing it to my nieces at times because I know they care less. I need to be there every time they need to use it just to make sure they won’t mess up. That’s how important my bathroom is to me.


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Bad Craving

It’s almost midnight (11:51 to be exact) and I am suddenly craving for KFC’s hot shots snack meal. This is exactly what I had when my friend and I had a snack out the other day. Now, I’m terribly longing for the same again!

My… my….

I mean I see nothing wrong with it. We all do crave… but God…. for something like KFC’s hot shots…. where am I supposed to get it to satisfy myself?

Sheesh!!! can’t even consider a cup of coffee for an alternative.

Oh well…. I’d better just close my eyes I guess and tomorrow I will start loving my coffee again.

Goodnight everyone!

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