The Sudden Switch

So I came online one morning, checked my email and browsed one of my pages for a supposed blog post and then I saw this one image that’s all over my site which read: “please update your account to enable third party hosting”.

Then I realized that it’s the then free image hosting site that hosted pretty much all the images that I have published on all my blog sites.

I hurried to seek for information to enlighten my confused and startled self. After reading a lengthy post, the new reality was made known to me.

I’ve read the comments further. The sudden changes caused nothing but outrage and disapointment from hundreds of the site’s users.

For number of years I have been trusting this site without a single doubt. What just happened is probably due to an irristible opportunity for them to make some dough out of what they have been doing for free for a long time. But then I wish they have spared what has been published already. I know it sounds ambitious but I literally do not know how to address this issue now.

I know I only have two options and that’s either to pay or just let it be.

Whatever it will be, it sure is something that won’t just come out in a click.

I wonder how many from my blogging friends have Continue reading

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Keeping Up Here…

Summer has been over and in fact we are now back to the normal grind. If I may recall, what took place last summer was a total blast of fun… indescribable joy. We (my family) were able to spend it momentously making it therefore a very well spent one.

However, throwing a glance at this page with not even a single summer story is reflected made me realize how much I’ve missed. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t have any; in fact, there’s a lot to tell if only I have that much time at hand. How I wish time can be bought at the price of a single d addario strings at because if there’s something that I constantly needed since then, that’s TIME.

My new work assignment this school year Continue reading

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Hasselback Potatoes

Time check: 11:18 pm. It’s a supposed summer month already but the rain is still pouring outside. It has been since earlier today. I wonder when will the weather authority officially declare the dry season then I don’t have to worry about pouring surprises. But of course, we cannot question nature as it is God’s, like what my mother always remind me. Just how I wish summer starts kicking in already.

The best deal here is that I promised to explore and do more baking this summer and of course blog about each of it, but all this lazy weather temp do is tuck me in bed longer than it normally is. Glad I still made it with this no-pain, Hasselback Potatoes for breakfast this morning. Thanks to free online recipes, though I’m not really that religious in terms of using indicated ingredients (as some may not be available) and following cooking direction as suggested. Most of the time I do a little cooking or baking modification to make it my own.

Did I mention I love potatoes? I normally use it for rice alternative apart from pasta. It’s by far the most effective trimming down trick for me.

 photo ba45e5c3-395d-4339-9c4f-0785921b0d5a_zpswnsjdiav.jpg
So, let’s get down to business here.

Hasselback Potatoes is almost a one-ingredient recipe, minus the seasonings which we cannot disregard, of course – salt and pepper – but to spice it up, I added bread crumbs and cheddar cheese, turn the right oven knob on to achieve that crunchy look.

You can actually use any potatoes available. For this I used medium-sized ones. Large would have been better. On a clean surface, place one potato at a time, make thin, evenly spaced cuts, about two-thirds the way through. Drizzle oil evenly to the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Preheat oven to 200C and roast potatoes to 30 to 45 minutes.

If desired, you may add breadcrumbs and cheese. Simply mix the two together, sprinkle over the potatoes and bake further for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and crisp.

 photo c43ca832-a09b-40ae-9cbf-b1141132c4b3_zpsmwlk6xxt.jpg
Like french fries, Hasselback Pototoes are best when consumed immediately.

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