Pine-Cherry Round Cake by the Gentle Hands

One of the perks when you are a teacher is when you get picked to judge a food event. The perk – the food tasting – and if you get lucky – a take home!

Just recently I was selected (along with 2 other teachers) to judge a Dessert Festival conducted by the graders in our school. One of the presentations that immediately caught my attention was this Pine-Cherry Round Cake made by probably 10 or 11 year old Grade 4 pupils.

< photo 4230300f-1937-4928-ae0c-c4a5a7fa6c4b_zps96czhuws.jpg

And while I am trying to learn from the kids how they made it, I felt like melting down. The kids are professional chefs in the making. My kitchen experiments don’t even come close to what they have accomplished already. I am so proud of them. And the fact that I belong to an institution with skill and talent – packed students makes me proud as well.

The quote that says “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today” should become every parent’s reminder that supporting our children in their undertakings while learning will eventually make them the person(s) that we would like them to become in the future. They’d be like mackie powered speakers that will echo out so much pride for the family.

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Dessert Festival: The Sweetest Time of Each School Year

Over in our school we do not only celebrate food festival once but twice – the Nutrition Month which officially  happens in July and the Dessert Festival, done by the Grades 4, 5 & 6 pupils early this month.

 photo IMG_20160915_102420_zps5ehdludt.jpg
For the last two years I have been invited along with my colleagues to judge this sweetest event in our school – the dessert festival where the pupils showcase their knack on food display and table setting.

This is when we, the judges hop from one classroom to another to spot the most outstanding presentation and of course to satisfy not just our eyes but our taste buds as well.

Indeed I was amazed not only with the different sweets on the table but at how good the kids are in preparing for their presentation. They knew exactly what to do – making it hard for us to decide. It’s like choosing the best acoustic guitar brands.

Orange Jellies in Orange Peel

 photo e90b7db9-66cd-4d12-82ed-156e6f58a806_zpsn8h3w5cr.jpg
This probably is nothing new to you and to many out there, but to me it is. It really surprised me how kids at their tender age able to do something amazing like this while all I did the whole time was wonder how they did it. I might as well look it up on the internet.

The sweet ones welcoming us to their classroom…

 photo IMG_20160915_103640_zpsoe7ldax3.jpg
Wrapping it up, events like this gives authentic venue for the children to learn and socialize while enhancing their skills on food preparation. It is also one great way for teachers to spot potentials in them.

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Seafood-Packed Breakfast

Typical “Pinoy” breakfast – eggs (of whichever way it’s done), sausage, hotdogs or about anything fried and of course rice.

Ours this morning…

 photo seafood_zps4jsb22fv.jpg

lambay crabs and tahong (mussels)

Last night I brought home these “goodness” fresh from the wet market. It’s not my usual thing but I love every chance I get to pick something fresh like these to feast on with the family. Not a single cent is wasted because aside from the fact that it is cheaper when bought from the market and prepare it by yourself, it is also guaranteed fresh and undeniably healthy – not to mention the fun and comfort  of eating it with bare hands and together all of you are doing it while taking your time, it’s priceless.

On the other note, it is also my way of celebrating because I am finally half way through my post-graduate studies. The last three semesters have been very challenging yet fruitful and it’s nice to recall I haven’t been with any mad professor the whole time. LOL.

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