Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer break is already official in a week time…

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Summer is just around the corner, indeed. I can’t wait till I’m officially off from work not only because of the planned and promised getaway but also because I am excited to start getting things done in my “summer to-do” list. I promised to be productive still even if I’m away from work so I carefully considered things that would make me one.


I enjoy cooking for my family especially during weekends. I hop from one site to another every now and then for new recipes. But I must admit, my cooking skill is still a work in progress. I specifically want to learn how to bake this time using the available tutorials online.


I received a portable electric sewing machine for a birthday gift last month. It is precious specially that I love needlework as well so I want to make use of it. I’ve started familiarizing its parts and made a few stitching practice already. I can’t wait to make patterns, begin making clothes and see how it turns out.


Call it old school but I love this very relaxing and fulfilling hobby since it dawned on me during my college years. Yes, my interest is back after I came across with this awesome site that offers free downloadable and printable patterns. My first summer project happens to be the Great Wall of China! I have already gathered the materials and actually itching to start but that needs to wait till work is over.

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Turon de Banana

This incomparable pinoy favorite is simply made of banana, jackfruit and sugar.

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We dine in fancy restaurants on special occasions. We also treat our families, friends and loved ones to famous steak and barbecue houses . Sometimes we take the drive-thru on our way to have a bite of popular meals from our favorite fast food chains. But there’s nothing like being home and sharing something you and your family enjoy of having for a snack together.

Turon, as we Filipinos call it is basically made of banana, a slice of jackfruit, wrapped and deep friedĀ  the way we do spring rolls. It is dusted with brown sugar so it will look the way it is. This and otherĀ  “kakanin” (native sweet delicacies) makes a perfect snack for a Filipino family especially on weekends where each member is present. It can also make an ideal alternative to burgers and sandwiches while having a picnic or a day in a beach. Young and old, everyone will love this not only healthy but also cost-effective treat. I will definitely have this again later when I make my review for mothers rings from

Apart from bananas, sweet potatoes or cassava can also be used in making turon. I like banana better, though.

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No-Bake Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Happy Valentines!

It’s weekend and it’s hearts day so I made something sweet for the sweet ones (my family) on the sweetest time of the year – my personal version of no-bake Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars!

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It was raining and quite gloomy when I woke up this morning. There seems to be no hope for a ray of sunshine so I thought I would just let the day end as if it’s just an ordinary one. I rose from bed late and didn’t even bother to do anything other than reading posts on Facebook. It was only after lunch when I actually decided to cook and since it’s already late, it has to be something simple.

This five-ingredient recipe is indeed very easy to do. It even requires no baking.

Ingredients include 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup peanut butter, whole nuts, 1 cup crushed grahams and 1 cup semi-sweet dark chocolate melt. Combine all first four ingredients together. Lay the mixture flat and evenly on a foil-covered square pan and chill for for 20 minutes. Then, pour down and evenly spread chocolate melt on top and let the pan sit back to the fridge for another two hours. Finally, get the whole thing off the pan, cut into bars, serve and enjoy.

Cookie crumbs can also be used instead of crushed grahams. Again this is another DIY recipe so you can always explore and make it your own. Since most of my target customers at home are kids, I topped some of the bars with vermicelli – making it colorful and attractive.

 photo 62215d1a-ad2f-4bc4-981d-a88f0c760388_zpslctb1y81.jpg

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